Thule Roof Bars

If you’re looking for a roof bar to fit your BMW then we have you covered. Roof bars are fantastic for campers, cyclists, surfers and generally anyone that needs to transport equipment and goods, be it camping equipment for a trip or luggage for a holiday.

It’s important that your roof bar is suitable one for the make and model of your car. Thule make BMW roof bars that are suitable for most BMW models, we sell a huge range of Thule roof bars, offering guidance and advice when it comes to choosing the most appropriate type for your car, and your needs.

Roof bars come in a variety of styles and in different materials. Roof bars can be narrowed down to three styles: square, round and aerodynamic styles such as the Thule wing bar. Each style represents a different price range and level of quality, when choosing your own roof bar, it’s important to consider these aspects. We stock and sell both square and aerodynamic Thule roof bars, each belong to different price brackets, however both are excellent products in their own right.

Square Thule Roof Bars:

Possibly the most popular roof bar shape, Thule’s square roof bars are reliable and safe, made from galvanized steel coated in plastic to protect from the elements and last through the years. Square roof bars are however, the least aerodynamic roof bar shape, but thanks to their low price point, they can be very cost effective depending on your lifestyle needs. For example, if you will get two to three uses a year from your roof bar, will only use your roof bars on short journeys, or even want to purchase a roof bar for one time use, the cost effective pros of a square roof bar price will outweigh the cons of the shape.

Aerodynamic Thule Roof Bars:

The sleek modern design of the Thule wing bar enables it to carry loads without slowing down your vehicle. This state of the art wing bar uses aeroplane technology for both sound and fuel efficient travelling, this means less wind noise, and less fuel consumption. A Thule wing bar is a great investment for the regular traveller, who finds themselves making regular car trips with equipment or luggage in tow. Thule wing bars really are top of the range, and once you make the switch to their perfectly designed aerodynamic shape, you may find it to ever revert back to an original style roof bar.
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